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Minimal power is required to operate.



Model DGL-4


UV-DGL (Ultraviolet Duct Germicidal Lamp) is mainly installed in HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) systems. Air that flows through the installed UV-DGL is subjected
to the ultraviolet rays coming from the germicidal lamp. These rays inactivate harmful bacteria
and viruses, disinfecting the air in seconds

The UV-DGL has been designed to provide sufficient ultraviolet germicidal dosage for both
air and surface. The recommended dosage will depend on the size of the air duct, airspeed, and temperature.
Our application specialists would be more than happy to help calculate and recommend the most suitable model for your application.



Low risk of ultraviolet rays over-exposure.



Able to run continuously without special monitoring.


Low Maintenance

Only requires an annual lamp change and scheduled cleaning.



Destroys harmful germs and bacteria, disinfecting the air in seconds.



Durable and lasting stainless steel and aluminium build.



Various models available to suit different duct size



Minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and exposure of occupants to contagious biological airborne contaminants.







      Model DGL-2 /DGL-4  

Generally used in the HVAC system of commercial buildings, the DGL-2 and DGL-4 helps to minimize and/or eliminate the growth of bacteria, mold and viruses, and to help limit the transmission of airborne diseases such as common cold, influenza and COVID-19.

In order for us to recommend a suitable UV-DGL model for your air duct, the below information is required:

  - Duct size
  - Length of duct where the UV-DGL will be installed
  - Air speed (cubic feet per minutes
  - Air temperature
High output germicidal lamps produce more UV watts than typical UV-C bulbs.

Robust Lampholder
Structure includes a fixed and spring-loaded holder that secures a single-pin lamp. The spring-loaded holder attributes to the convenience of replacing the lamp in a matter of seconds.

Heavy-duty Assembly
Built in aluminium Type 304 stainless steel for durability and extraordinary strength.
UV-DGL Ballasts
Specially designed to operate
UV lamps, the lightweight and
long-lasting Blaze UV-DGL ballasts
helps to save energy while producing
a high UV output as compared to
conventional ballasts.
Operation Indicator
Indicates the operation status of each germicidal lamp.
    Model DGL-4    






   Half Internal Mount - Lamps installed inside air duct   Full Internal Mount - Lamps and ballast installed inside air duct  



Model Lamp* Lamp Wattage** UV Output*** Depth (Inside Air Duct) Housing Dimensions
Half Internal Full Internal Height Width Depth
DGL-2-23 7860-50 (2) 81W 23W 42.5cm 53.8cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-2-34 6860-50 (2) 103W 34W 57.8cm 69.1cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-2-46 5860-50 (2)  131W 46W 73cm 84.3cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-2-56 0601-50 (2) 175W 56W 88.3cm 99.6cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-2-80 6750-50 (2) 239W 80W 118.8cm 130cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-2-108 0960-50 (2) 311W 108W 153.3cm 170.7cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-4-46 7860-50 (4) 161W 46W 42.5cm 53.8cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-4-68 6860-50 (4) 205W 68W 57.8cm 69.1cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-4-92 5860-50 (4) 261W 92W 73cm 84.3cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-4-112 0601-50 (4) 349W 112W 88.3cm 99.6cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-4-160 6750-50 (4) 477W 160W 118.8cm 130cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm
DGL-4-216 0960-50 (4) 621W 216W 159.3cm 170.7cm 42.7cm 20.63cm 11.3cm

*Rate lamp lifespan is 13,000 hours.
**Total lamp wattage
***UV output at wavelength 254nm at 100 hours and 26 degrees C (estimated)






Blaze UV-C Radiometer

Lightweight, hand-held, UV radiometer; Used for measuring the intensity of UV lamps to ensure UV-C produced is within safe levels.


UV-DGL Lamp Safety Shield

Extra Protection layer (refer to lamp on the light) applied to Blaze UV-DGL lamps ensures safety for field operators, occupants, products and the environment by eliminating all possible hazards from debris of broken lamps. 


UV-DGL Anti-UV Safety Glass

Tinted, UV-blocking safety glasses; Used for general safety protection against harmful UV rays to the eyes.


UV-DGL Face Shield

Adjustable fit visor provides protection to the face and eyes


UV-DGL Lamp Monitoring Device

Monitors lamp operation. To be connected to the output connector of the ballast housing. Comes with 50 and 100 foot long cable.









   UV sterilization lamps are effective against bacteria, viruses, mold, etc. Shown below is a short list and the required dosage* to destroy more than 99% of the particular organism  
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Bacteria Tuberculosis (TB) 10,000
Influenza Virus Flu 6,600
Leptospira Interrogans Bacteria Jaundice 6,000
Hepatitis Virus Hepatitis 8,000
Escherichia coli Virus Bacteriophage 6,600
Eberthella Typhosa Bacteria Typhoid Fever 4,100
Coxsackie A Virus Hand, Food and Mouth Disease (HFMD) 6,900
Rotavirus Virus Gastroenteritis 26,000
  *Ultraviolet light dose required for 99.9% destruction of various micro-organisms in μWSec/cm2 at wavelength 254nm