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UV Light Curing Conformal Coatings for Electronic Component and Assembly

Incure manufactures uv light-curing conformal coatings that offers outstanding protection to electronic assemblies.
Acrylic conformal coatings are easy to apply and cure in seconds!

• Single Component
• Ease of application, "Ready-To-Use" Product
• Light-Cure in Seconds
• Low Odor and Solvent Free

Learn about Incure Light Curing Systems:
C9000 UV Light Curing Conveyor Systems
U8000 12'' Wide Universal UV Light Curing Conveyor Systems

Ultra-IlluminaTM EL-9069B is a UL compliant UV light curable coating developed for use as a conformal coating in PCB assembly. It is superior to what is available in the market today. When exposed to UV light of suitable intensity, EL-9069B will cure quickly into a hard, clear, resilient, and tack-free barrier. It is resistant to moisture, thermal shock, and abrasion. Ultra-IlluminaTM EL-9069B UV conformal coating is a low viscosity liquid that can be applied using industry-standard dispensing systems and robotics. It is well suited for high volume production that incorporates precision spray deposition and conveying platforms with high intensity UV curing lamps. It may be cured in areas shadowed from UV light by using heat. Ultra-IlluminaTM EL-9069B fluoresces very brightly under low intensity UV black light to permit visual inspection of coverage.