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About Us

Our Technical Capabilities

Blaze believe human resource is our biggest asset. We have a policy of ongoing investment in training for all our sales and engineering teams. All our staff are equipped with good knowledge in all aspects of UV curing, dispensing, applications, process intrgration, performance monitoring and repair / maintenance services.

Demo Facilities

We like to SHOW our customer what our products can do. Ranging from basic dispensers to automated dispensing robots, simple Ultra Violet (UV) curing systems to large complete Ultra Violet (UV) conveyor systems, technological advancements and applications of the products are demonstrated by our experienced fully-trained staff in our purpose built training facility.


Acknowledging the importance of our customer production line to run smoothly, we launched our 'After Sales Service Program' ASSP to enhance our support to our valued customers.

All local equipment Service Calls will be attended on-site within 4 working hrs under this program. Units* under our first year warranty enjoy free additional guarantee of a similar loan unit while repair work is in progress.

Now you can extend our unmatched ASSP Program period at a small fee. Please call our Technical Service Hotline at (65) 6270 2188 to know more details.

*applicable to Incure equipments and based on first come first serve basis

Conformal Coating Services

Traditional methods of conformal coatings are messy, hazardous, time-consuming, costly and difficult. Fewer companies want to be involved in coating PCBAs.

However, more boards today are designed for use in extreme environmental conditions requiring additional protection. Many companies today are faced with the challenge of coating printed circuit assembly boards in a fast, cost-effective, and yet environmental friendly manner.

What can we do for you?

We provide conformal coating service using Incure UV conformal coatings. We can help you to achieve significant cost saving and still maintain a 100% environmental compliance process with the use of Incure 100% solids light-curing materials.

Repair and Maintenance

Blaze services and repair all makes of Incure Equipment in Asia. Conveniently located in Singapore, free of import duties, we ensure quick turnaround of your faulty equipment returned with full diagnostic report.

We carry a generous amount of spares to support customer who take up our Preventive Maintenance Plan and also to provide fast repair service.

All of our engineers are highly trained in all aspects of UV conveyors, spot and flood systems. We also undertake maintenance and repair for non-Incure systems and mixers as well.

Technical Consultancy Services

Adhesive selection, process development and product validation are critical to the success of any manufacturing process. BLAZE has a strong technical service team to assist you with UV curable adhesives applications and curing process equipment set up.