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Product Code: EPY_S101
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Low viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive. Fast setting wicking grade adhesive ideal for bonding preassembled parts.

Product Description Color  Viscosity, cps  Hardness   Pot Life  
 (Part A) (Part B)  (Part A)  (Part B)   Shore
6401 Toughened epoxy. Cured resin forms a tough, off-white bond-line which provides high peel and shear strength in the same time. The crack and fatigue resistance of this product are outstanding in many vibration applications. Bond to ceramics, glass, plastics and metals. Milky White Yellow 13,000 -19,000 12,000 - 18,000  D82 30 mins


Product Length: 2000.0000 mm
Product Width: 1600.0000 mm
Product Height: 2300.0000 mm
Product Weight: 260.0000 kg
Product Packaging: 260.0000 kg
Units in box: 1
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